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Nuisance dog barking getting you down? Post your neighbor's noisy pet here. These pests can be really annoying. Help create a virtual map of your noise pollution problem. Thanks for participating.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Barking Dogs Atlas

Is your neighbor's barking dog driving you crazy? Here you can add their location to the Barking Dogs atlas. You can post a photo for your entry, or a video link if you like (HTML is OK!). If you want to enter your neighbor's name or address, do that, too. Blank entries are deleted. The entries require moderator approval, so please be respectful. Entries are editable by the moderator (me) in case you put your name or email address in by mistake and want to change your entry.

The Barking Dog Atlas is an anonymous service. Anonymous posts will remain that way. You are free to use a phony email address; there is no confirmation. If you use your real email address, no one is going to contact you and it won't be visible to anyone other than the moderator.

Please participate, and don't be discouraged by your noisy neighbor.

Maybe this will help someone trying to avoid these pests.

Please put your location (country, state, or town) in the subject field. The ATLAS has a name field, too. If you don't want to publish your real name, make something up, or use your neighbor's name.

Vicious dog attack ATLAS:

I see too many news stories of vicious dogs attacking people. Today there was another. If you are sickened by these stories, and like to collect them, please make an entry here with a couple of sentences from the story, and a link to the original story itself. Or just describe your own experience if it didn't make the news. Are there vicious dogs running wild in your neighborhood and you're afraid of a future attack?

You can post images or html in the ATLAS.


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