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Nuisance dog barking getting you down? Post your neighbor's noisy pet here. These pests can be really annoying. Help create a virtual map of your noise pollution problem. Thanks for participating.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Barking Dogs Atlas

Is your neighbor's barking dog driving you crazy? Here you can add their location to the Barking Dogs atlas. You can post a photo for your entry, or a video link if you like (HTML is OK!). If you want to enter your neighbor's name or address, do that, too. Blank entries are deleted. The entries require moderator approval, so please be respectful. Entries are editable by the moderator (me) in case you put your name or email address in by mistake and want to change your entry.

The Barking Dog Atlas is an anonymous service. Anonymous posts will remain that way. You are free to use a phony email address; there is no confirmation. If you use your real email address, no one is going to contact you and it won't be visible to anyone other than the moderator.

Please participate, and don't be discouraged by your noisy neighbor.

Maybe this will help someone trying to avoid these pests.

Please put your location (country, state, or town) in the subject field. The ATLAS has a name field, too. If you don't want to publish your real name, make something up, or use your neighbor's name.

16 comments: said...
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DaviMack said...

At what point do the markers age out, or should we assume....

Andrea said...

this made me laugh, good idea. very clever.

Can we have one for annoying neighbors who honk and honk and honk until someone comes out of the house, come on its not like you dont have a cell phone to call and say "hey im here" or is it too much to pull all the way up in the driveway and actually get out of your car and knock on the door?

Sleepless said...

My neighbours Paula and Jason have a huge rotteweiller in their fenced in backyard at 771 Princess St in Mount Forest Ontario. BARKS NON STOP and drives the neighbourhood crazy!

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Anonymous said...

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Dustygirl01 said...

Jim and Cindy Cohagan, 413 Ridge Road, Fawn Grove PA have five crazy dogs that bark all day every day. They leave them out in kennels 16 hours a day and they bark the entire time. If you say anything about it, they act like the dogs have all the rights.

Uncle Joe said...

I have a site I started because of my neighbors barking dog. is a site I set-up after my wife came to me in tears because of the barking. It just isn't right, and the enforcement of noise ordinances should be more heavily enforced. It only makes sense to enforce an ordinance which directly affects a neighborhood and property values.

If you would like to help in the Bark Free movement, please visit my blog, and leave a post or follow me there. I hope one day to help everyone that needs some peace and quiet.

Quiet said...

Traumatized by my rude neighbors and their barking dogs (used to be just 1 barking dog but now it's 2 barking dogs) in Monroe, NC.

JohnT said...

Have neighbors at 7943 Milbrook Dublin CA 94568
7919 Countess Ct. Dublin Ca
7940 Countess Ct. Dublin Ca.
All letting their dogs bark as if they owned the whole neighborhood.

Mark Marlov said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Marlov said...

Very clever idea to visually show the hazards of barking noise.
That is why I created the site - NO Barking Dogs that deals not only with the problem of barking dogs but also a multitude of others.

Please visit and sign our petitions, the first exactly against Dog Barking.


kris Mclane said...

Love dogs but HATE the BARKING. Preston dog brotie died.

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